19 May 2016

Attract ladybugs in your garden in few easy steps

Many gardeners wish they had more ladybugs in their gardens – lucky are those that have an abundance of them without efforts! These little creatures are great assistants when it comes to keeping your backyard free of
13 May 2016

Cleaning must do’s that help you prevent allergies

Everyone who suffers from an allergy knows how obnoxious the symptoms can be – from sneezing and swelling to rashes, the struggle can be real. Spring is that time of the year when allergy outbursts are more
18 Apr 2016

Incredible Mediterranean tile ideas for your home

Mediterranean style is always associated with a never-ending Summer, beach days, casual elegance combined with antique charm! Mediterranean inspires every area of design, art and  craft including the flooring sector. If you want to invite the Summer
13 Apr 2016

Natural home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Having bed bugs at home can be more dangerous than you think. But first, what exactly are the bed bugs? They are wingless brown insects that feed on mammalian blood which means that they love human blood
8 Apr 2016

Everyday dos you can steal from people with clean houses

Being a successful full-time adult is a difficult task for everybody. You should be prosperous at work, diligent at home and find time for your family and hobbies – and you have only 24 hours a day.
31 Mar 2016

What to choose for your bedroom – carpet vs hardwood flooring?

What would you enjoy more in the morning – your toes touching hardwood or carpet? The never-ending debate which is the better flooring option for your bedroom – carpet or hardwood – seems to remain an unsolved
15 Mar 2016

Bring back to life your suede sofa

Suede sofas are cosy and luxurious and definitely can class up a room. Still, many people avoid them as they are slightly more difficult to clean and maintain. Impeccable cleaning results can be even harder to achieve
9 Mar 2016

Clean your iron – the green way

Iron is a household appliance that usually is neglected when it comes to cleaning. People tend to forget that their true assistant may need a good scrub, too. If you don’t take proper care of your iron,
16 Feb 2016

Top 5 advantages of Marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum flooring is preferred by many as it is environmentally friendly and it is known to be 100% biodegradable. Because of this, it is an excellent alternative to other materials such as vinyl. Nowadays, eco-friendly products and
11 Feb 2016

Amazing uses for chalk at home

If your child no longer enjoys drawing with chalk sticks don’t just throw them away. Believe it or not, there are some helpful household uses that you might actually consider trying. Read on and keep some chalk